CEI Today: Honeybees, high speed rail, worker rights, and more

Thursday, August 14, 2014
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Honeybee Population in Decline—Or Not?

If you read the news about honeybee survival, it’s all very confusing. Some sources sound the alarm by pointing out that the number of honeybee hives has dropped significantly in recent decades. Others say just the opposite: There are more hives today than ever before. Which is it? Actually, both. > Read more

> Interview Angela Logomasini



Michael Grunwald's High-Speed Rail Fantasies

Perhaps the one thing Time magazine's Michael Grunwald loves more than 
drone assassinations of American citizens and dissident journalists is heavily subsidized passenger rail. > Read more

> Interview Marc Scribner


Red Tapeworm 2014: Tell Us -- Which Regulations Hurt Your Business as You Grow? 

We need many more bottom-up assessments for the entrepreneurial community to send a collective outburst to Washington D.C. about addressing the federal regulatory burden.


Workplacechoice.org: Celebrate National Employee Freedom Week


National Employee Freedom Week, which started August 10 and runs until August 16, is a countrywide effort by 70 groups in 41 states that’s goal is to educate workers of their rights they have to opt out of union membership. This worker education is necessary because many workers are unaware of this freedom and unions do as little as possible to inform workers of their right to end their union membership. > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs


Devil's in the details of Campus Accountability and Safety Act

The Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA), S. 2692, seeks to change how publicly funded universities investigate allegations of sexual assault. The act contains some alarming provisions. On Aug. 7, Hans Bader, a senior attorney at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, reported on one.
> Read more



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