Chief Eddie Edwards - Alone and afraid!

At yesterday's signing of Joshuas Law.
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Senator Sharon Carson and Chief Eddie Edwards celebrate the signing of "Joshuas Law". Joshuas Law brings New Hampshire to the forefront in the fight against domestic violence.

Vulnerable and alone.

Paralyzed with fear as a child while my mother suffered down the hall is a feeling I will never lose.

At that age I was not yet empowered to protect my mom. Thanks to the strong influence of my grandparents, over time I gained that strength and have since dedicated my life to protecting and serving the most vulnerable among us.

After almost three decades in law enforcement I had seen the devastating effect domestic violence has on all it touches. 

Yesterday I went to Concord to witness the signing of bills that expand victims rights and empower them to seek justice and begin to heal the scars abuse leaves.  I will not hide from you the fact that although overjoyed to be there, it was a very emotional day for me personally.

At the statehouse I joined with fellow law enforcement leaders from across New Hampshire in the advancement of laws that protect our most fragile populations.  As the next Senator from New Hampshires 4th district I will continue to fight for justice.

Chief Eddie Edwards
Dover NH