Online Clock Tracks Days Since Shaheen Has Held A Town Hall-Style Meeting





Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today launched the Shaheen Town Hall Ticker, a new clock posted at www.nhgop.org that tracks the days since Senator Jeanne Shaheen has held a town hall-style meeting. Senator Shaheen has been hiding from her constituents since she held her last town hall meeting nearly two years ago on August 28, 2012.


"Jeanne Shaheen is refusing to hold town hall-style meetings because she knows that she can't defend her deciding vote for ObamaCare and her blind support for President Obama's failed border security policies. Senator Shaheen continues to disregard New Hampshire's tradition of open and accessible government because she is a typical Washington politician who is afraid to face her constituents," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "After nearly two years of dodging questions its time for Senator Shaheen to hold the type of town hall-style meetings that Granite Staters expect from their elected officials."


When questioned about her lack of town hall meetings, the Shaheen Campaign has tried to mislead the New Hampshire media with phony claims about the number of town hall meetings she has held since 2009. But WMUR's Josh McElveen exposed Shaheen's town hall lies by pointing about that most of these events were telephones calls and TV appearances that are not real town hall meetings.


"Just to be clear. Of the 13 town halls @SenatorShaheen campaign cited taking part in since 2009. One was by WMUR, 6 on phone," tweeted McElveen