NRSC - DiCaprio, Streisand and Friends Pouring Money Into Senate Democrat Campaigns

Hollywood is pouring money into the midterm elections.
These limousine liberals know that Senate Democrats are in trouble; that’s why they’re doing everything they can to try and save them – including donating thousands of dollars each to protect Harry Reid and his allies. They’re spending unprecedented sums of money to ensure your voice, the true voice of the American heartland, isn’t heard in government.
Leonardo DiCaprio.  Gwyneth Paltrow.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Barbra Streisand.  J.J. Abrams.  Ben Affleck.  Jack Black.  James Cameron.  Nicolas Cage. Danny DeVito.  Cameron Diaz.  Jennifer Garner.  Steven Spielberg.  Tom Hanks.  Jerry Seinfeld.  Mike Myers.  Jon Hamm.  Jeffrey Katzenberg.  Woody Allen. Ted Dansen. Aaron Sorkin.  Ben Stiller. Chris Rock.  According to media reports, they’ve all given thousands to support Senate Democrats.
It’s an unprecedented level of Hollywood support for a midterm election.  If we don’t respond, our campaigns will be outraised – it’s that simple.
The best class of Republican Senate candidates in a generation has stepped up to run for office; war veterans, entrepreneurs, community leaders – people who truly represent the values and understand the struggles of the communities they seek to represent.  Leaders who will end Washington’s dysfunctional and incompetent governance, and put our country back on the right track.  Are we going to stand with them, or are we going to allow them to be overwhelmed by a barrage of Hollywood money? 
It’s up to us. There is no mystery donor coming to the rescue – there is no last minute miracle check that will solve this problem.  There’s just us – you and me – what we decide will determine who controls the United States Senate, it’s that simple.
If you want to bring conservative leadership to the United States Senate, now is the time – please contribute $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford – every dollar makes a difference.