Watchdog - Unions thrive on taxpayer dime

Federal agencies spend millions on union business

The Internal Revenue Service isn’t the only federal agency where hundreds of employees do union business full-time on the public’s dime. “Taxpayers spent around $156 million on federal employees who did no federal work at all,” said Nathan Mehrens, president of Americans for Limited Government.

Watchdog reported last week that union business — oxymoronically classified as “official time” — is subsidized by the IRS. Mehrens uncovered similar behavior at other agencies.

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Why labor unions are more like Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan than you realize

With their grip on power in modern American culture slipping daily, the country’s labor unions will try anything to to hold onto their dominion and relevance. No, really. Anything. Anything at all.

Defending academic plagiarism? Check. Threatening dissenters? Yup. Tricking its own members to keep them funnelling cash to the bosses? Yup, that too.

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