American Principles Project - Speak on Behalf of the Persecuted in Iraq

Dear friends, 

The fight for religious freedom is one of the most prominent battles in our world today – both here and abroad. When I founded the American Principles Project five years ago, I knew that an important part of our mission would be to defend liberty and protect the most innocent among us. The dignity of human person is at the heart of everything that APP does, including the distinct belief that all people deserve the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
Today religious freedom is under attack both at home and abroad.  The challenges are great, but we have recently been blessed with some important victories on the domestic front.  Abroad, however, particularly in the Middle East, religious persecution—especially of ancient Christian communities—is intensifying rapidly.
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
I am sure that, like me, you are watching with horror as the barbaric terror organization styling itself “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) brutalizes Christians and members of other religious minorities in Iraq. In that tortured country, we are witnessing religious genocide.  Many people here in the United States are desperately asking:  “What can I do?”
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
Nothing is more powerful than prayer.  So we as individuals and members of local congregations must pray for the victims—Christians and non-Christians alike—fervently and unceasingly.
We must also put pressure on our government to increase humanitarian aid to persecuted and fleeing victims, and to provide strategic air and intelligence support to the local resistance forces, who alone stand between ISIS and its victims.
That is why I have composed a plea to our government and the international community on behalf of the victims of ISIS barbarity.  I ask you to please read my plea and consider adding your name to mine on the website we have established for this purpose. 
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
We need to let our elected representatives know that we care about Christians and others who are victims of persecution abroad and that we expect our own nation to be in the forefront, defending them when we can.
We are not the world’s policemen, but we cannot stand idly by as ISIS’s attacks continue. Without jeopardizing American lives, our nation can help the suffering Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq at a time when they are facing possible annihilation.  The time to act is now.
Please sign your name to the plea on behalf of victims of ISIS/ISIL barbarism in Iraq, and forward this email on to others and encourage them to sign.
Sign Plea on Behalf of the Victims of the ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq
We have received thousands of signatures in a matter of hours, but we need as many signatures as possible to truly make a difference. Please sign and encourage others to do so as well.
Yours gratefully,
Robert P. George,
Founder of American Principles Project and
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Director of the James Madison Program in
American Ideals and Institutions
Princeton University
(affiliation for identification only)