Macdonald For NH Senate (D21) - candidate NH state senate

                                                Veteran Resort-Chapel

                                                101 Stepping Stone Rd

                                                Lee NH 03824



To Who Ever:

            I was once a homeless US Military Combat Veteran when I returned from my tour during (after) the Vietnam Conflict.   I came back with four disabilities, three being combat related.  The Marine Corps dropped me into a society with no Medical, no adjustment, no nothing except after 31 months overseas in and out of Vietnam; wanted me to live with people that (did and could not) accept what I was.  I lived homeless on the Streets of NH several years until a person from my hometown that got back a year earlier noticed me one day.  This US Military Combat Veteran gave me a room in his apt. got me VA medical and got me into UNH.  This man and I went from elementary to high school together but I did not remember him from a Traumatic Brain injury.  I have no memory of life back here even to this day of life before I left for my tour.   I have an understanding what the up hill battle homeless means and the difficulties of trying to navigate a country that we should never have come back alive to. 

            My wife and I bought eleven-acres of land at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH and gave it to a Veteran non-profit to build places for homeless Veterans to live and find their way back.  The Town of Lee says that they want to help Veterans but they are doing everything they can to stop this development.  The news media takes a blind eye to these events as not to piss of a government source of information.  The children that went off to war to fight for our freedom are just dammed by a society that says that they want to help but stabs us in the back by discriminating against us.  We went to court the other day and not one news media picked up on the harsh and degrading efforts of the town of Lee NH to prevent help to homeless US Military Combat Veterans.  The Town of Lee will publicly tell the world how much they want to help US Military Veterans.  A Lee town official told me personally “we are a community of professors and UNH support staff and we do not deserve homeless people living in our neighborhoods”.

            I am a candidate for NH State Senate district #21 but the news media refuses to inform the public who I am.  The news media refuses to print my letters to the editor because the system sees me as a danger and the system must protect the citizens of NH from people like me.  These are the obstacles that returning combat veterans go through but no one back here can understand the system are flawed.  We are citizens that learned a different way of life being drilled into our heads just to keep alive.  We come back to live with citizens that live a great life safe and sound never giving us a chance.

            I am running for NH State Senate District #21 and I may not be right for the elected position but should not the voters decide.  The most important part of this letter should the citizens of NH from Berlin to the Mass border be informed about how the Town of Lee is to good for Homeless US Military Combat Veterans to live in their community. >From Peter Macdonald Candidate for NH State Senate.