NHDP - ICYMI: Primary Candidates Hammer Failed CEO Walt Havenstein for ACA Hypocrisy at GOP Debate

Manchester, NH – Failed CEO Walt Havenstein's record of cashing in on the ACA as CEO of SAIC, despite now pledging to deny the law's health care benefits to 50,000 Granite Staters, continues to haunt his flailing campaign as made clear during the GOP gubernatorial debate earlier this week.

After struggling to defend his opposition to the ACA, despite previously using the health care law to boost his company's profits, Havenstein's primary opponents hammered his stance as “disingenuous” and a troubling sign of putting profits before principles.

As the Ledger-Transcript reported, “The candidates were never pushed too far out of their comfort zone during the debates, save one moment: After Havenstein referred to New Hampshire’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act as 'nothing short of a disaster,' Hemingway blasted him for his oft-publicized connections to the act. Havenstein's Virginia-based company, SAIC, received over $5 million in federal contracts relating to the rollout of 'Obamacare.' Even then, Havenstein didn't stray too far from his talking points, arguing that he was acting as a CEO, not on his personal beliefs.”

The Ledger-Transcript added, “Smolin took that opportunity to pile on. 'As governor, you are the CEO of the state,' Smolin pointed out; did that mean his personal beliefs would never come into play if he was elected?”

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See ACA-related footage from the debate here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9kWhkVmB5s&feature=youtu.be