Adams For Executive Council (D4) - Earl Rinker Endorses Jim Adams For Executive Council

Manchester, NH- Today, former five-term District 4 Executive Councilor Earl Rinker enthusiastically endorsed Jim Adams for Executive Council in District 4. Former Councilor Rinker cited Jim's leadership, commitment to constituent service and executive experience as reasons for his endorsement.  

Earl Rinker- Former District 4 Executive Councilor 

"I am proud to endorse the candidacy of Jim Adams for New Hampshire Executive Councilor in District 4.  As a former five-term Executive Councilor of District 4 I have a pretty good idea of what a good Executive Councilor should look like.  While I had the opportunity to serve with three Republican Governors and five Republican Councilors, there were many occasions that I voted against the wishes of a Governor or one or more of my fellow Councilors even though we were members of the same political party.  The present District 4 Executive Councilor has voted with Governor Maggie Hassan nearly 100% of the time.  We need independent thinking and good leadership on the Council, not a typical follower as the present Councilor seems to be."

"Constituent service is one of the most important responsibilities of an Executive Councilor and Jim Adams is the kind of person who will follow-through on resolving his constituents needs. His years of executive service in the US Postal Service, where he worked with billion dollar budgets helping to make them leaner and more efficient, will serve him well on the Executive Council as he works to find ways of making state government more efficient and more cost effective.  We know that current expenses in state government are exceeding revenues and a watchful eye on all those state contracts that Councilors have to approve will be most important."