CEI Today: Green gas prices, union threats, and honeybee woes

Friday, August 15, 2014
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Globalwarming.org: Do Greens Oppose Keystone XL Because It Would Increase Gas Prices or Lower Them? Yes!

High gasoline prices are unpopular in America. For green politicians and
activists, public anger over high gas prices has long been both a challenge and an opportunity.

It’s a challenge because greens advocate carbon taxes and cap-and-trade, which are designed to jack up gas prices, and biofuel mandates, which have the unintended (although not unforeseen) consequence of inflating fuel costs.
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> Interview Marlo Lewis


Workplacechoice.org: Union President Threatens Opponents of Common Core with Violence

The New York’s United Federation of Teachers has taken things to a whole new level of ugly.

At a convention last month, the UFT’s president Michael Mulgrew gave a speech in support of Common Core and directed a harsh warning to anyone who dared to oppose the program.
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> Interview Alex Bolt


Honeybee Population in Decline—Or Not?

If you read the news about honeybee survival, it’s all very confusing. Some sources sound the alarm by pointing out that the number of honeybee hives has dropped significantly in recent decades. Others say just the opposite: There are more hives today than ever before. Which is it? Actually, both. > Read more

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