Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's record of cutting Medicare for Granite State seniors:


"Jeanne Shaheen deliberately misled New Hampshire seniors when she dishonestly promised to protect Medicare. In the Senate, Shaheen has repeatedly opposed ending cuts to Medicare Advantage and cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare that cuts Medicare by $716 billion. Granite Staters know that Jeanne Shaheen cannot be trusted to keep her word and that her blind allegiance to President Obama's disastrous agenda is bad for seniors."



Shaheen Dishonestly Said ObamaCare Protects Medicare Benefits

In 2009, Shaheen Said ObamaCare "Extends The Life Of Medicare" And "Protects Medicare Benefits." "Through increased efficiency, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act extends the life of Medicare, removes waste and fraud, lowers costs for seniors, and protects Medicare benefits." (Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, "Shaheen Applauds Passage Of Preventive Health Care, Medicare Protection Measures," Press Release, 12/3/09)

But Shaheen Voted To Cut Medicare

Shaheen Voted For ObamaCare, Which Cut $716 Billion From Medicare. (H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #396: Passed 60-39, 12/24/09, Shaheen Voted Yea)

Shaheen Voted To Allow ObamaCare To Raid Medicare

In December 2009, Shaheen Voted Against Legislation That Would Prevent Medicare From Being Raided To Pay For ObamaCare. "To prevent Medicare from being raided for new entitlements and to use Medicaresavings to save Medicare." (S. Amdt. 2942 To S. Amdt. 2876 To H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #368: Rejected43-56, 12/7/09, Shaheen Voted Nay)

·      The Democrat-Controlled Senate Rejected Attempts From Raiding Medicare To Pay For ObamaCare. "The latest such maneuver came when the Senate rejected an attempt by Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., to prevent Medicare from 'being raided' to pay for health care. The vote was 43-56. The bill calls for cuts totaling $460 billion over a decade from projected Medicare spending, much of which would be used to provide subsidies to help lower and middle-income Americans purchase health care." (David Espo, "Senate Dems Seek Expansion Of Medicare, Medicaid," The Associated Press, 12/8/09)

Shaheen Has Repeatedly Opposed Ending Cuts To Medicare Advantage

In March 2010,Shaheen Voted To Kill An Amendment That Would Have Prevented Cuts To Medicare Advantage. (H.R. 4872, Roll Call Vote #72: Motion To Table Agreed To 56-42, 3/24/10, Shaheen Voted Yea)

In 2009, Shaheen Voted Against A Motion That Would Have Allowed Medicare Advantage Enrollees To Retain Their Existing Benefits. (H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #370: Rejected 42-57, 12/8/09, Shaheen Voted Nay)

In 2009, Shaheen Voted Against A Motion That Would Have Prevented Medicare Cuts In The Bill,Including Cuts To Medicare Advantage. (H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #358: Motion Rejected 42-58, 12/3/09, Shaheen Voted Nay)

Some Of The Medicare Cuts In The Health Care Law Will Come From Payments To Hospitals, Nursing Home, And Other Health Agencies. "But others will come from cuts in payments to providers -- like hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies -- that will be expected to become more productive." (David Nather, "Checking Clinton's Facts On Health Care," Politico, 9/6/12)

·      Thanks To ObamaCare, "Some Seniors Will Have Few Options For Care As A Result." "And reductions in reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals don't only affect doctors and hospitals -- when some drop out of the Medicare program in reaction to these cuts, some seniors will have fewer options for care as a result." (Josh Barro, Op-Ed, "Medicare Cuts Are A Well-Priced Lunch," Bloomberg, 8/21/12)

Medicare's Chief Actuary Said Some Providers Could Drop Out Of Medicare Because They Won't Be Able To Stay Profitable. "Rick Foster, the chief actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has said those cuts may be unrealistic and that some providers could drop out of Medicare because they won't be able to stay profitable." (David Nather, "Checking Clinton's Facts On Health Care," Politico, 9/6/12)

As A Result, Medicare Advantage Payment Rates Will Be Cut By  3.55 Percent In 2015

Medicare Advantage Payment Rates Will Be Cut By About 3.55 Percent In 2015. "Health insurers participating in the Medicare Advantage program for elderly Americans, including Humana Inc. (HUM) and UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH), face a payment cut of about 3.55 percent next year, the U.S. government said." (Alex Wayne and Caroline Chen, "Humana, UnitedHealth Face About 3.6% Advantage Rate Cuts," Bloomberg, 2/21/14)