Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Governor Rick Perry's upcoming visit to New Hampshire. Governor Perry will attend a Victory Rally with Republican activists in Stratham on August 23rd:

"The New Hampshire Republican State Committee is proud to host elected officials and conservative leaders from across the country. We welcome their visits to our state to meet our outstanding grassroots activists and discuss their vision for the future of our country.


"The accusations made against Governor Rick Perry are so ridiculous that even President Obama's top adviser David Axelrod called them "pretty sketchy." It appears that partisan political operatives are trying to smear the governor for demanding accountability from a politician who had lost the public's confidence after she was convicted of a crime and thrown in jail. It is obvious to anybody who watches the video of the District Attorney's disgraceful conduct that she does not deserve to remain in office.


"Earlier this year, Governor Maggie Hassan's handpicked Attorney General Joe Foster tried to force an elected County Attorney to resign after allegations of misconduct were made against him. The County Attorney was never charged or convicted of a crime, but the Attorney General still pressed him to leave office. Democrats who promote the absurd accusations made against Governor Perry must also believe that Attorney General Foster is guilty of these ludicrous charges.


"The New Hampshire Republican State Committee is pleased to welcome Governor Perry to the Granite State and we are looking forward to his visit."