Garcia For Congress (CD2) - What They Are Saying: A Tale of Two Campaigns


Marilinda Takes The Lead

"Coming after Garcia's leading fundraising report, outside groups spending on her behalf on television and the Union Leader endorsement, Garcia is emerging as a front-runner with the primary a month out."  (James Pindell, Garcia up 23 points in her internal poll, WMUR, 8/5/16)

“We have found Garcia to be a rare candidate who does not talk in soundbites, but rather prefers to explain her positions.” “She has firm convictions, but does not belittle people who disagree with her. She would rather persuade and win than attack and lose.” “Republicans in the 2nd District would do well to make her their nominee for Congress.” (“Marilinda Garcia: A great voice for the GOP,” Union Leader 8/2/2014)

“But with her campaign picking up one key endorsement after another, Garcia is starting to look rather serious after all. The perception of inexperience could even play to Garcia’s advantage, as voters tire of insider politicians.”(Emily Cadei, “Marilinda Garcia: New Hampshire's Young Conservative,”, 8/13/14)

“Marilinda Garcia: The Republican Primary in the 2nd Congressional District is on the verge of a tipping point her way (James Pindell, “Political Standing for July 18, 2014,” WMUR  7/21/14)

“Nowadays, observers give her a shot at snatching the 2nd District seat in this political bellwether state, and if she does, Republican stardom would likely await her.”(Emily Cadei, “Marilinda Garcia: New Hampshire's Young Conservative,”, 8/13/14)

“Marilinda Garcia has been opposed to RGGI because she recognizes it as a bigger-government, top-down, permanent albatross for the Northeast. For that reason, she is the best conservative candidate in the race.” (David Peters, “A better candidate for Republicans,” Nashua Telegraph, 8/10/14)

“In what is a significant development in the 2nd Congressional District contest, the National Republican Congressional Committee placed candidate Marilinda Garcia on a list of candidates they might spent money on.” (James Pindell “NRCC begins to nod at Garcia,” WMUR 7/31/14)

“Garcia has more far-reaching impact than Lambert – in fundraising and influence – and that makes her a stronger Republican nominee, with the best chance to defeat Kuster, and become a more effective advocate for the residents of the New Hampshire Second District.” (Tom Dougherty, “#NH02 Update: Garcia Gains While Lambert Loses,” Practical Politicking, 8/4/14)

“Republicans’ best choices to top the ticket this fall are Andrew Hemingway and Marilinda Garcia for Congress. Their youth and energy and principled experience will appeal to a wide range of voters.” (Van Mosher, “Letter: Fresh faces in GOP,” Concord Monitor, 7/29/14)

Lambert's Campaign Losing Stream

“Lambert, by the way, has not yet returned two contributions his campaign received in June from a nonprofit charity and an auto dealership. Federal campaign finance law bars taking such donations and the campaign promised to check into it.’” (John Distaso,  “Granite Reports: Lambert still a member of infrastructure investment advocacy group led by Bloomberg, Rendell,” NH Journal 8/9/2014)

“Vitriol over campaign finance law has come to the forefront in numerous campaigns across the country during this cycle, and the Garcia-Lambert race is no exception. However, Lambert is the one with the problems here. His attacks on Garcia’s campaign are faithless and unfounded, and his own campaign’s apparent violations are extremely serious (Tom Dougherty, “#NH02 Update: Garcia Gains While Lambert Loses,” Practical Politicking, 8/4/14)

“Lambert for Congress accepted a $1,000 contribution on June 30 from The Palmier Foundation, which is described by its founder, Boston investment firm head Dan Palmier, on his web site, as a “501(c)(3) charitable corporation created for the purpose of ‘giving back.’” The Internal Revenue Code prohibits 501(c)(3) charitable organizations from contributing to candidates for federal office. (John Distaso, “Lambert campaign reviewing questionable 2Q contributions,” NH Journal, 7/22/14)

“But the real problem is the Lambert campaign’s clinging to the” we’ve got a 60 day window to do something something to review the contributions” excuse. The FEC is quite direct with regard to accepting contributions from either 501c3′s or corporations.” (Steve MacDonald “Celebrate Gary Lambert’s Rigorous 40 Days and 40 Nights of Campaign Finance Review,” Granite Grok 8/6/14)

Not only is Lambert’s campaign mailer inaccurate, but it offers such an astronomically high figure that the claim is far-fetched. For these reasons, Lambert’s claim earns a rating of Pants on Fire. (NH Politifact, “GOP challenger Gary Lambert says rival Marilinda Garcia supports $140 billion in new taxes” Nashua Telegraph/NH Politifact, 8/15/14)

So, without a huge campaign account and without the backing of outside groups, as Garcia has, Lambert is at once trying to introduce himself and define (aka “go negative” on) Garcia. (John Distaso, “Lambert hits Garcia on immigration for third time – and much more,” NH Journal, 8/16/14)

“Still, Lambert is listed as a member of a national group that has supported a federal gas tax hike and gas tax hikes in other states. His campaign says there is no inconsistency there.” (John Distaso, “Granite Reports: Lambert still a member of infrastructure investment advocacy group led by Bloomberg, Rendell,” NH Journal, 8/9/14)

“The Lambert campaign has had the splash screen up for at least five days.  It was released July 15th, 2014.  Today is the 20th…Is the base attracted? If you blow a dog whistle, and no one is around to hear it….The answer, so far, is no. As I write this, in the 5 full days since the splash went up, 8 people have signed the Wake up Washington Pledge.  Two the first day (the first two names are with the campaign, a volunteer, and an intern).” (Steve MacDonald, “NH CD-2: “Wake Up Washington Pledge” a Dud, So Far…,” Granite Grok 7/22/14)