Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Seacoast Newspaper Backs Guinta as “Best Choice for GOP”

Foster's Daily Democrat Joins the List!

This weekend, Team Guinta was honored to receive the endorsement of Foster’s Daily Democrat. This marks the 25th straight week of endorsement releases, dating all the way back to the first week in March.

In their endorsement, there were several reasons offered for their support of Frank Guinta's candidacy, two of which are highlighted below:

“Guinta’s campaign is not one of protest. It is one of ideas. It is one of sum and substance.”

“The political left and right in Congress are at loggerheads because they have pledged allegiance to the party; not to the cause of good government. While Guinta is a conservative to our liking, he has a temperament suited to the job that welcomes those with other views into the room for an intelligent conversation.”

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“I am honored to receive this endorsement and believe it was given because our team has always sought to distinguish ourselves from the competition by running a campaign focused on finding the better solution; not the right or left solution. As Mayor, I worked with a board comprised primarily of democrats to pass tax cuts, reduce spending and balance budgets. This is the same mind set I brought to Washington, when I worked with a Democrat Senate and President to pass three pieces of legislation I authored. And I always looked for pragmatic solutions without betraying our core principles. As your next Representative, I will continue the fight to put your interests ahead of all others.”