Would the Real Walt Havenstein Please Stand Up?

Manchester, NH— Joining a long list of his John Kerry-like moments of being for something before he was against it, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Havenstein struck again on Sunday on WMUR’s Close Up.  Just weeks after pledging to oppose Medicaid Expansion if elected Governor, Mr. Havenstein was asked about Medicaid Expansion and said the following:

“We have to fix that.  We’re going to have to modify our Medicaid expansion program if we are going to continue that benefit to the most needy in our state and that’s what I intend to do…I don’t want to kick it down the road…come January 2017, under our current law, that program is going to sunset, that means a lot of people who started off in that program are going to not have that benefit.  We can’t have that.”—Walt Havenstein, WMUR Close Up, August 17, 2014.

This flip in policy follows other examples in Mr. Havenstein’s short campaign including his changing position on Casino Gambling, Northern Pass, Common Core and of course, Obamacare—taking $100 million to implement it, while now saying he’s always opposed it. 

“Let’s start with, is there any way to know where Walt Havenstein would stand on any issue as Governor, when he has changed his mind on them so many time in his two months in this race?” Questioned GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway.  “Walt Pledged to repeal Medicaid Expansion just two weeks ago and yesterday we see on WMUR he intends to extend it in perpetuity. I can’t understand how Walt justifies that.”

When Mr. Havenstein announced his candidacy he called these pledges “puffery.”

“Walt clearly believes in his original statement that these pledges are ‘puffery’ but, rather than sign them when you don’t mean it, just don’t sign it in the first place.  It’s bad enough when a person’s word means nothing, but when one’s signature doesn’t even count, time to look elsewhere for a leader you can trust,” Hemingway said.