NHDP - In Interview, Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Makes it Clear (Again) That He Has No Integrity When it Comes to Health Care for Working Families

Havenstein Criticizes Senate GOP for Sunset Provision that Could Result in Loss of ACA Benefits for 50,000 Granite Staters, Yet He Signed Koch Brothers Pledge Committing that He'd Take Away Benefits from those Same People
Manchester, NH -- In an interview on WMUR's CloseUp, failed CEO Walt Havenstein made it clear once again that he has no integrity when it comes to health care for working families. For weeks, Havenstein has come under fire for his lack of integrity on health care, as he opposes offering the benefits of the Affordable Care Act to 50,000 Granite Staters despite taking nearly $100 million in contracts to implement the health law as CEO of SAIC. 
On CloseUp, Havenstein also criticized the sunset provision that was added to the health care expansion plan by Senate Republicans, saying it could result in a loss of coverage for newly insured individuals. However, just weeks ago, Havenstein signed a pledge to the Koch Brothers saying that he would work to repeal health coverage for those very same people. 
"By trying to have it both ways on health care, Walt Havenstein is once again looking out for himself over the interests of Granite Staters," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing.  "Havenstein isn't being honest about where he stands on health care as he offers tortured excuses for how he could sign a Koch Brothers pledge to repeal coverage from 50,000 Granite Staters after his company made millions off the ACA while he was CEO." 
"Given that Havenstein has pledged to the Koch Brothers that he'd take away coverage from 50,000 Granite Staters, his newfound concern with the sunset provision championed by Senate Republicans is deliberately misleading at best," added Lesswing. "We call on Havenstein to level with the people of New Hampshire and take a clear position once and for all on Governor Hassan's bipartisan health care expansion plan."
Havenstein's lack of integrity on health care has also drawn outrage from Republican circles. In the first GOP gubernatorial debate, conservative activist Andrew Hemingway called Havenstein's position on health care "disingenuous at best." On WMUR's CloseUp, Hemingway added that he is "absolutely disgusted" by Havenstein's hypocrisy and double standards, calling it "political talk that I think the people of New Hampshire are sick of."  
"Havenstein ran company that made millions helping implement health care law" 
"Walt Havenstein says he is against the Affordable Care Act and efforts to implement the law in New Hampshire, but just three years ago he was the CEO of a company that made millions in government contracts to help make the new health care law a success." (WMUR, Jul 30, 2014).
"Candidates sign AFP pledge to cut taxes, oppose Obamacare"
"Walt Havenstein also plans to sign the pledge, his campaign said, but could not attend today’s event due to a fundraiser in Virginia. [...] "The pledge includes five promises: Cut taxes and oppose tax increases, cut spending and the size of government, pass a right to work law, oppose Obamacare and Medicaid expansion and to uphold the state and federal constitutions." (Concord Monitor, July 30, 2014)