NHDP - NEW WEB VIDEO: John McCain Thinks Brown is A Bold Leader…for Massachusetts

NHDP: GOPers Endorsing GOPers Not Surprising, McCain Endorsement Tries To Prop Up Brown in GOP Primary

Manchester, NH— As Scott Brown welcomes another out-of-state Republican to New Hampshire, New Hampshire Democrats are reminding people of Senator John McCain’s infamous “straight talk” touted Brown’s Massachusetts credentials just 24 months ago. McCain’s words are a perfect reminder of whose priorities Scott Brown really shares, and they’re most definitely not New Hampshire’s.
“John McCain’s visit does provide a great reminder of whose priorities Brown really shares, and they’re most definitely not New Hampshire’s,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Scott Brown is desperate to get back to the U.S. Senate, voting to protect the Big Oil and Wall Street special interests that fund his campaign.  As Massachusetts Senator, Brown received more donations from Wall Street than anyone running for Congress, because he was such a loyal vote for their special interests.”
McCain’s “straight talk” persona provides a stark contrast with Brown who infamously hid in the bathroom recently to avoid taking questions from reporters about women's health care. 
“Brown is no straight talker, and the more New Hampshire voters see of him, the more they don’t like him. Standing next to John McCain won’t change that,” McClain added.
McCain’s visit also seems to present a pattern for New Hampshire voters when it comes to Brown’s GOP endorsements, as Senator Kelly Ayotte was also quite fond of Brown’s commitment to the Commonwealth. And we all know how Scott Brown feels about his home state.