Rubens For US Senate - Rubens Calls for Brown to Take Position on Obamacare

  In Thursday's Mount Washington Valley Economic Council debate in North Conway, each candidate was asked about what they would do regarding Obamacare.

In response to the question, Scott Brown said that he wants to repeal Obamcare but people who are on it and like parts of it, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, he suggested freezing those parts.

>From talking to voters across New Hampshire, they are demanding specific plans to replace Obamacare. This statement from Scott Brown is the latest in a series of statements that range from endorsing the major components of Obamacare to not clearly articulating his vision for fixing this broken system.

Some of Brown's recent statements include:

"At one stop, he suggested repealing Obamacare but letting New Hampshire's beneficiaries be 'grandfathered in' so they don't lose coverage." Politico, May 15, 2014

"Not only on Medicaid expansion, but the Affordable Care Act, I've always felt that people should get some type of health care options and pay for it with a nice competitive fee, that's all great. I believe it in my heart." WMUR-TV, April 27, 2014

"And a plan which is good for New Hampshire which can include the Medicaid expansion." WMUR-TV, April 27, 2014

McElveen: "So you agree with the philosophy behind the ACA in terms of of the healthcare, but the mechanisms just doesn't work as far as you're concerned." Brown: "Yeah listen, absolutely". WMUR-TV, April 27, 2014 The Keene Sentinel ran a piece this week on being the 'reform' candidate. They also interviewed voters, including one who called Rubens "my kind of guy."

New Hampshire Public Radio reported on August 12, 2014, "Brown meanwhile said he'd like to see the law replaced with a network of state controlled solutions."

Because he favors grandfathering current Obamacare enrollees, wants to keep Medicaid expansion and voted for mandated insurance in Massachusetts, he supports the three major pillars of Obamacare. On my website I lay out a detailed 16-point plan, no such plan exists on I'm calling on Brown to describe specifically what he is proposing to replace Obamacare.


Jim Rubens