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Foster's Daily Democrat: Brown Is On Top Of The Issues

 By Editorial, Foster's Daily Democrat
August 1, 2014

It’s fair to say Scott Brown brings a laser-like focus to the task in front of him. That task is winning the Republican primary race for the United States Senate and the right to challenge Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen.

During our hour-long editorial board meeting with Brown Wednesday, there was nary an issue on which this former U.S. senator was not up to speed.
>From immigration and the deficit to any one of a number of foreign policy concerns — Israel, Iran, Iraq, etc. — Brown had done his homework.

This is not to say we agree with Brown on all the issues covered, such as his approach to making college affordable. What impressed us was the breadth of knowledge and his ability to communicate his point of view.

It is fair to say (or write, as is the case) that it has been a long time since a candidate, for any office, was able to cogently cover as many topics in such a short time as Brown.

While Brown has a game plan on issues like veterans affairs and the federal government’s role in education, he is not an ideologue.

In Brown’s case, however, he comes closer to native status than many of those we have elected to public office from both parties. And we would argue his ties to New Hampshire — from his familial history in settlement years of the region to his parents’ time at Pease Air Force Base, to moving here to be closer to his mother in her later years — all add to his qualifications to serve New Hampshire.

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