NHDP - Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Says Cashing In on ACA Despite Pledging to Deny Benefits to Granite Staters is About Profits

In Nashua Telegraph Interview, Havenstein “Could Not Recall an Instance” Where He Put Principles Before Profits at SAIC

Manchester, NH – As failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s disastrous tenure at SAIC came under renewed fire this week, Havenstein was pressed to explain how he could reconcile that “he is against the Affordable Care Act and efforts to implement the law in New Hampshire, but just three years ago he was the CEO of a company that made millions in government contracts tohelp make the new health care law a success” (WMUR, Jul 30, 2014).
While offering a tortured defense of his ACA double standard to the Nashua Telegraph, Havenstein “could not recall an instance when either his personal views or those of SAIC’s board of directors affected decisions the company made regarding profitable government contracts” (Nashua Telegraph, July 31, 2014).

“When pressed on how he could pledge to the Koch Brothers that he’d deny the benefits of the ACA to 50,000 hard-working Granite Staters after cashing in on the law as CEO of SAIC, Walt Havenstein told us what we already knew: that he puts self-interest and profits before principles,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. “But despite Walt Havenstein’s single-minded focus on maximizing SAIC’s profits, the company lost millions of dollars and thousands of jobs as its stock value plummeted by 32% during his disastrous tenure. Now, Walt not only wants to bring his failed leadership to New Hampshire, but wants to deny workers the very benefits he was profiting off of. Granite State voters won't let Walt's greedy mismanagement take the state backwards."
This latest headache for Havenstein comes as Governor Chris Christie made his second trip in six weeks to the Granite State to try to save his handpicked candidate’s sinking campaign. In the wake of revelations that Havenstein profited off the health law he now opposes, Christie abruptly cancelled the only planned media availability during his visit.
Christie’s most recent trip also highlighted the deep tensions within the Republican Party over their dead-heat gubernatorial primary. One Republican consultant told CNN, “Christie's endorsement of Walt Havenstein, our establishment candidate for Governor, could come back to haunt him with conservatives here, many of whom were already a bit skeptical of his record and potential candidacy” (CNN, July 31, 2014). 

“Walt Havenstein’s continued embrace of failed Governor Christie is not only going to hurt him in his dead-heat Republican primary, but it also reinforces to Granite Staters that, like Christie, he would be an economic disaster as Governor,” added Lesswing.