NHDP - Scott Brown Doesn't "Get" New Hampshire

Brown Goes Even More Negative, Attacks Ayotte's Record, Disavows Racist Supporter


Manchester, NH — Lashing out at the bipartisan immigration reform bill that Kelly Ayotte backed last summer and being the first New Hampshire candidate this cycle to release an attack ad are just the latest signs that Scott Brown's negative campaign is desperate.  As Brown struggles to connect with New Hampshire voters, his campaign's message has grown angrier with each passing week.
“Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire. His campaign is running negative ads, even attacking fellow Republican Kelly Ayotte's position on comprehensive immigration reform,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Facing an uncertain primary and a resistant New Hampshire public, Brown is frantic—and the biggest casualties this week were Kelly Ayotte and his own credibility.”
Scott Brown Attacks Ayotte’s Position On Immigration
Desperate to boost himself in the New Hampshire GOP primary, Scott Brown latched on to the immigration issue. What he left out was that Kelly Ayotte voted for the same comprehensive immigration reform package that Senator Shaheen voted for, even saying that she “looked forward” to supporting it. But that didn’t stop him. All week he attacked Senator Ayotte and Senator Shaheen’s position on immigration reform.

Scott Brown Was Forced To Disavow Nashua Supporter For Writing Racist, Misogynistic Letter Aimed At NH Female Leaders

A Nashua supporter, who Scott Brown released on a list of endorsers, wrote an obscene letter and sent it to the NHDP. Brown’s campaign manager was forced to cut ties with the supporter shortly thereafter.

Scott Brown Caught Claiming He Was In NH Log Cabin When He Was Actually In A TV Studio
It was revealed this week that Scott Brown has been using a green screen instead of filming his ads in New Hampshire.  When first questioned about the location, Brown told the Nashua Telegraph he filmed “on the grounds of former New Hampshire House Speaker Doug Scamman’s farm in Stratham.” But as Buzzfeed reported earlier this week, and MSNBC highlighted on The Ed Show, Brown was actually standing in front a green screen and using stock footage to try and fool people into thinking he was in a New Hampshire lob cabin.
Scott Brown Launches Negative, Misleading Attack Ad
Brown's negative ad misrepresents Senator Shaheen’s position, which is in line with fellow New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte. He also fails to mention that House Republicans are the ones refusing to act on comprehensive immigration reform legislation that would strengthen border security.