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Citizen of Laconia: Scott Brown Discusses Immigration, Pot, ISIS In Franklin

 By Bob Martin, Citizen of Laconia
August 20, 2014


Roughly 35 residents made their way to Franklin VFW 1698 for the fourth “N.H. Speaks” town hall event hosted by Scott Brown on Tuesday night, and while there was initially a focus on immigration, he fielded questions about a wide range of topics.

Brown started off the meeting talking about the issue with ISIS, saying that their goal is to get their own country, obtain natural resources and money, get assets and spread terrorism in the world. He added that they want their flag in the White House, and America’s goal should be to make sure this never happens.

He then said that his opponent, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s support of his policies contributed to today’s situation.

The event then shifted gears toward the topic of immigration, with Brown speaking of the possibility of Obama using his executive order to unilaterally legalize nearly five million illegal immigrants.

“So what do we do?” Brown asked the crowd. “You make sure that we take back the Senate, make Harry Reid the minority leader and we be that check and balance to the president.”

Brown said that the House put forth two bills on this issue, but they went on vacation for five weeks. He said that the support of the failed leadership by the current senate majority leader is a reason why there is dysfunction in Washington.

“We have to close the border,” said Brown. “We have to shut the border once and for all. Period. It’s not being done. You know it and I know it.”

Another resident asked about the lack of accountability of ethics in Washington regarding Benghazi and the IRS.

“There is a problem, obviously,” said Brown. “There is gridlock, they don’t talk, they don’t work together.”

Brown said that he has worked hard to get the insider trading bill passed to reestablish trust between the American people and members of Congress. He also said that Shaheen was one of the senators who wrote a letter to the IRS asking that conservative groups be investigated, which he was staunchly against.

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