Concord - In an interview with New England Cable News yesterday, Senator Jeanne Shaheen continued to mislead her constituents about her lack of town hall meetings:


"I've done a number of town halls," Shaheen falsely claimed.


"It has been almost two years since Senator Shaheen held an open and unfettered town hall meeting in New Hampshire. The only thing more troubling than her lack of town hall meetings is her willingness to mislead her constituents with blatant mistruths and demonstrably false statements," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Jeanne Shaheen doesn't want to meet with her constituents because she knows that she is wrong on the issues that matter to New Hampshire and can't defend her record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time."


Senator Shaheen has attempted to replace traditional town hall meetings with staged round tables and phony "telephone" town hall meetings. In a scathing editorial today, the Nashua Telegraph blasted Shaheen's campaign events:


"As for the so-called 'telephone' town-hall meetings, they aren't town hall meetings at all. If anything, they are the coward's way out because they don't require close-quarters interaction or allow voters to read the non-verbal cues, which often provide far more information than the well-rehearsed non-answers that come out of a politician's mouth," writes the Telegraph. "The so-called "roundtables" aren't much better, limited as they usually are to hand-picked participants and narrowly focused issues."

As of this writing, it has been 720 days, 21 hours, 00 minutes and 31 seconds since Senator Shaheen's last town hall meeting according the NHGOP's Shaheen Town Hall Ticker.