NHDP - Caught: Scott Brown Continues To Line His Own Pockets With Out of State Speech

NHDP: Brown Continues To Pad Bank Account, Prioritize His Own Profits

Manchester, NH—One month before Election Day, Scott Brown is traveling to California for what Politico Pro reported “is almost certainly a paid speech,” revealing again that Brown is still putting his bank account and personal profit first.  Brown made a similar trip to Las Vegas in May to collect $20,000 from a Wall Street hedge fund, and the latest revelation shows that Brown is doing anything but putting New Hampshire first. 
"Scott Brown is leaving the campaign trail in New Hampshire just weeks before the election to collect a paycheck—it’s that simple," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “We don’t know who is paying him and what's expected in return, but if history is any indication, Brown's commitment to those who line his bank account is as strong as ever."

"Just like when he went to Vegas to cash in at a hedge fund conference, Brown has figured out how to use his Senate bid to personally profit, and he's most definitely not putting New Hampshire first,” added McClain. 

October surprise: Brown to give Calif. speech
 8/18/14 7:46 PM EDT

Scott Brown is flying to California in October for what is almost certainly a paid speech, a very unusual move one month before Election Day.

The New Hampshire Senate candidate will appear with Joe Lieberman on October 1 in the San Francisco Bay area.

Brown campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Guyton declined to comment.

"We don't discuss Scott's schedule two months out," she emailed late Monday night. "We do have our 4th New Hampshire Speaks town hall meeting tomorrow night in Franklin and encourage everyone to come out for it."

The "speaker series" event at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. PT.

Brown is listed as a former Massachusetts senator.

Brown did a similar event in Palm Beach, Florida, with retired Rep. Barney Frank this January before he entered the Senate race.

He took heat from Democrats over a May trip to Las Vegas to speak at a hedge fund conference.

A personal financial disclosure statement filed in June showed that Brown has made at least $186,000 from speeches since leaving the Senate at the end of 2012.

— James Hohmann