Smith For US Senate - Message to Scott Brown: Why Won’t you Sign the Pledge?


Bedford (August 18, 2014) – The recent Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) 2014 candidate pledge against taxes raises significant questions on Scott Brown’s priorities.  Brown has refused to sign the pledge.

Senator Bob Smith and other major candidates have signed this important pledge against raising taxes, funding the Affordable Care Act and for Right-to-Work.  

“This says an awful lot of Scott Brown’s priorities,” said Senator Bob Smith.  “I have a direct question for you, Scott Brown: what are you afraid of?  Why won’t you sign the pledge?”

This refusal raises important questions about Brown’s commitment to fiscally responsible government.  What taxes would he support increasing?  What other restrictions on worker freedom does he support?

We think the American people deserve a candidate who doesn’t bluff his way through questions and can think on his feet without referring to written notes.  Senator Bob Smith does not need crib notes because he speaks from his heart.