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Club For Growth - AUDIO: Gary Lambert Urged People In New Hampshire Not To Drink Dunkin’ Donuts To Pay For Cap And Trade Energy Scheme 


Gary Lambert during 2011 RGGI Debate: “But for all those folks going to Dunkin’ Donuts…don’t buy a coffee for four months and help the environment.”


Washington, DC – The Club for Growth PAC today released audio of New Hampshire Congressional candidate Gary Lambert urging people in New Hampshire not to buy Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for four months in order to offset New Hampshire’s participation in a regional cap-and-trade scheme known as RGGI. As a State Senator, Gary Lambert was a passionate defender of RGGI and cast the deciding vote to keep New Hampshire in the program. The Club for Growth PAC has endorsed taxpayer hero Marilinda Garcia for Congress in the second district.  


To listen to Gary Lambert ask people not to drink Dunkin’ Donuts in order to pay for New Hampshire’s participation in a regional cap-and-trade scheme, click here or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BikZyneeWy8


“We already knew that Gary Lambert supported cap-and-trade energy taxes, but telling people to give up their Dunkin’ Donuts for a few months to ‘save the environment’ is the kind of rhetoric you’d normally hear from a Democrat candidate, not a Republican one,” said Club for Growth Spokesman Barney Keller. “Gary Lambert is almost comically liberal, which is why his campaign is floundering and New Hampshire conservatives are rushing to support taxpayer hero Marilinda Garcia instead.”


Video Transcript:


GARY LAMBERT: Alright, the next thing I hear is it’s a tax. Well I looked all through RGGI…and I don’t see anything about a tax.


You can call it a tax. We called something here (unintelligible) not too long ago.


Alright. You can call it a tax, whatever you want to call it. But here’s the deal. Even if you want to call it a tax it’s 36 cents a month on the average taxpayer.


So I understand…I’ve got constituents in my district and there’s some really downtrodden poor people in my district that live in Nashua. So maybe 30 cents is a lot to them and I’m sure it is.


But for all those folks going to Dunkin’ Donuts…don’t buy a coffee for four months and help the environment. That’s what I’m asking you to do.


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