Macdonald For NH Senate (D21) - NH State Senate Candidate censored!

The newspapers believe for the good of the public my words should be censor.  The reason that I am running for public office and what my goals are to better NH if I get elected the editors believe the voters should not hear.  I am a 100% disabled US Military Veteran and I am running for NH State Senate. 

            My wife and I purchased 11 acres of land at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH and gave it to a Veteran non-profit to build a church and cabins in the woods for homeless US Military Combat Veterans to with the help of God and man try to come home mentally as well as physically if at all possible.  A prominent Lee Town official told me “we are a community of professors and UNH support staff and we do not deserve homeless living in our neighborhoods”.  The Lee Town just took the Veteran Resort-Chapel to court because we have a portable toilet that the town made us rent if we wanted a building permit.  We have a sign not attached to anything on our front yard Identifying the sight as the Veteran Chapel.  The VRC has a camper parked behind the chapel as the town tells us no business in Lee can have a trailer on their property.  The final item they took us to court on is a volunteer church member sleeps in the trailer several nights a week in June and the first week of July to keep an eye on the Veteran living in the house.   This oncehomeless Veteran from toxic drinking water (at USMC Camp Lejuine NC) brain is being eating away.  For his safety this volunteer stayed there just until we knew he was ok.  This is a frivolous court action that we are waiting for a judge to rule.  These are the subjects that the newspapers are censoring from the Voters.  

            I am running for NH State Senate do we the voters have a right to hear what each candidate will do if they get elected?  Do the Voters have a right to be informed about the candidates with out editors censoring in the name of public safety.   I am nobody that came back with four disabilities, three being combat related.  I honestly believe that I should not have come back alive.   I am hear and I believe every newspaper in the State of New Hampshire should run this letter because it is a prime reason US Military Combat Veterans become homeless.  Prominent citizens believe we are a danger and for public safety we should be ignored and kept out of their neighborhoods. 

            I am a candidate for elected NH position should every news media tell the world what NH is doing to disabled US Military Veterans.  I was homeless my first few years back.  It is extremely difficult to navigate the government maze to attempt to live a normal life after surviving the mayhem of war.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Candidate NH State Senate.