NHDP - VIDEO: Scott Brown Tries To Hide Opposition To Increase In Minimum Wage

Brown Employs D.C. Double-Talk to Avoid Answering New Hampshire Voter

Franklin, NH—Scott Brown tried to hide his opposition to increasing the minimum wage - not once but twice - at an event in Franklin yesterday.  Brown was confronted twice by a New Hampshire voter who asked if he would support increasing the minimum wage and giving a much deserved raise to more than 110,000 Granite Staters. Both times he tried to hide his opposition by not giving a simple yes or no answer.

“Scott Brown is ducking New Hampshire voters, refusing to answer questions, and hiding his opposition to a responsible increase in the minimum wage,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Scott Brown has been cashing in on his Senate candidacy and lining his own pockets with Wall Street cash he collected from speaking to a hedge fund conference. But when it comes to answering New Hampshire's families' questions on the minimum wage, he runs and hides. That makes him wrong for New Hampshire."

The former Massachusetts Senator has a pattern of cashing in on his reputation and Senate candidacy and avoiding straightforward questions.  In May, Brown collected $20,000 for flying to a Wall Street hedge fund conference in Las Vegas. Just a few weeks later, he was forced to resign from the board of a scandal plagued beauty supply company turned weapons manufacturer.  The sketchy penny stock company had used Brown’s stature as a former U.S. Senator to woo investors and its executives had previously been sued for securities fraud.

Last month, when asked about the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision by a reporter, he opted to run and hide in a restaurant bathroom rather than talk about his belief that employers should be able to deny women coverage for basic health services.

“New Hampshire can't trust Scott Brown.  Scott Brown is running for Scott Brown and the Big Oil and Wall Street special interests that fund his campaigns,” added McClain.


"AUDIENCE MEMBER: Speaking of struggling working Americans what's your position on increasing the federal minimum wage after all these years?  BROWN: Something I've-- In a prior existence, I supported an increase, that being said - what's the key to an increase in the minimum wage? Well you can't have the Federal government mandating and dictating all the time.  What you need to have is everybody at the table.  You need to have the job creators the people who are actually signing the front of the check at the table.  Now is this something that should be periodically reviewed, absolutely.  I've said that publicly and have felt that.  And as a result of those discussions where everybody was at the table, I actually voted to increase the minimum wage because it was agreed upon by everybody - they worked, they sat, they figured it out.  By mandating and not including our job creators it's not something that is effective.  We need to have not only the employees but the job creators at the table to make determination and if in fact something comes up I hope to be at the table to have that opportunity to be part of that conversation and then we can make the determination as to what's an appropriate amount."  VIDEO
"AUDIENCE MEMBER: Can I just follow up, when I asked you about minimum wage you talked about job creators, but we have job creators that have existed for many, many years and the minimum wage hasn't been raised and I'm not, maybe I didn't understand you.  I understood that you that you voted for increasing it in the past but I don't understand what your position is now.  You kind of talked around job creators but you didn't talk about your position on minimum wage.  BROWN: Yeah I did actually.  AUDIENCE MEMBER: Okay I didn't understand it, I'm sorry.  BROWN: Let me say it again.  I actually said that we need job creators and employees at the table to make those decisions so everything's on the table because when you look at the issue of minimum wage what are the challenges right now facing people who actually are hired.  You have right now the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, we have a state profit tax here in our state, you have Obamacare and the tentacles of that and the amazing challenges that are coming in after the election with the business mandate.  And then you throw in the high cost of energy." VIDEO