Wheeler For Executive Council (EC5) - Hattamer’s Donors: 98% doctors, half of them out-of-state

Executive Council District 5 candidate Dave Wheeler noted that 98% of the donors supporting his opponent are doctors and other medical personnel. “The amazing thing here,” Wheeler noted, “is that my opponent’s conflict of interests would keep him from voting on medical issues in the Executive Council. I wonder if his big donors know this.”

Wheeler pointed out that his opponent, Steve Hattamer, has some significant tension regarding his professional activities that would severely constrain his ability to vote on medical issues, such as Obamacare, as well as Medicaid and Medicare. “My opponent sits on the board of a number of medical and insurance associations, and these represent a serious conflict of interest.” Wheeler went on to stress that “these conflicts will compel my opponent to stand on the sidelines during key Council votes. I doubt very seriously that he ever informed his donors that he has such conflicts, and that he would be unable to provide them any backing for their agendas.”

Wheeler asserted that his opponent’s fundraising strongly suggests that a group of out-of-state medical professionals were attempting to buy the Council seat. “For all intents and purposes, my opponent’s campaign is meaningless for District Five constituents, because he will be unable to provide representation on the critical healthcare issues that lie ahead.” Wheeler also added, that “I don’t know what these doctors are going to get, because my opponent can’t vote on their issues.”