DOVER - Today, Scott Brown held an "Obamacare Isn't Working" roundtable discussion with local seniors and concerned citizens to discuss the negative impacts of Obamacare's Medicare Advantage cuts.

"Raiding $716 billion from Medicare and putting our seniors' health care options in jeopardy is not fair or responsible," said Brown.  "I support the full repeal of Obamacare to protect our seniors and make sure they have access to good long term care options and a plan that works for them.  The one-size fits all approach from Obamacare is not working for our state and putting another burden on New Hampshire families."
During the event, Brown spoke briefly about Obamacare's cuts to Medicare and upcoming reductions to Medicare Advantage.  Obamacare is responsible for $716 billion in cuts to Medicare, and an estimated 15,803 seniors who rely on Medicare Advantage will also see reductions that could impact their health care.  In 2015, rates are expected to be cut by 3.55 percent, or what amounts to an annual cut of roughly $1,300. New Hampshire some of the highest Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers in all of the New England states.
“Obamacare was forced on us by the president and Senate Democrats, without regard for the impact it will have on seniors and families,” said Pixie Carson of New Boston. “Everyday living expenses are constantly going up—whether it’s buying food or gas—more money is coming out of our pockets and seniors don’t have the flexibility to spend more on health care costs.”
Senator Shaheen not only cast the tie-breaking vote for Obamacare, but also voted repeatedly to raid Medicare. Senator Shaheen subsequently voted against three separate amendments, two in 2009 and one in 2010, that would have prevented Obamacare from making any cuts to seniors' Medicare plans.