Garcia For Congress (CD2) - Garcia Opponents Team Up to Sign Anti-Legal Immigratio Group’s Pledge


Concord, NH—Kenny Cunningham, communications director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress, released the following statement in response to Gary Lambert’s signing of the Federation for American Immigration Reform's pledge.

“Marilinda’s two opponents in the Republican primary demonstrated poor judgment in their decision to team up against Marilinda and sign FAIR’s Congressional Task Force Pledge,” said Cunningham. “While Marilinda strongly opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and believes we must secure our border immediately, she disagrees with FAIRs anti-LEGAL immigrant stances. FAIR is not committed to solving our nation’s burgeoning illegal immigration problem. It instead works to dramatically reduce the number of immigrants who are entering this country legally. Marilinda opposes this position, and believes it is wholly antithetical to our culture as a nation of immigrants.”

FAIR’s connections to angry and extreme positions on race are even more disturbing than their unabashedly nativist policy positions: 

  • FAIR Founder and advisory board member, John Tanton, promoted the work of Jared Taylor, whose magazine, American Renaissance, warned: “America is an increasingly dangerous and disagreeable place because of growing numbers of blacks and Hispanics.” (New York Times)
  • In 1986, John Tanton said: “As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night?  Or will there be an explosion?” (New York Times)
  • In FAIR’s Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress, the organization proposed not only reforming the illegal immigration system, but also stopping legal immigration from occurring by significantly curtailing pathways for legal immigration, such as:
    • Ignoring the U.S. Constitution’s citizenship status for individuals born within US territorial jurisdictions.
    • Reducing the number of individuals provided legal status by over 70% annually.

“Marilinda has a strong record on immigration: she opposes amnesty, advocates for enhanced border security, and believes the Obama Administration must enforce our nation’s immigration laws. Yet, political pandering to groups such as FAIR, with questionable policy positions and even more questionable motives, is not appropriate.  It is a shame that Marilinda’s opponents are spending their time conspiring against her and signed a pledge from a group that seeks to divide instead of unite Americans. They should do their homework before signing pledges and seek to better inform themselves on this important issue."