NHDP - ICYMI: Scott Brown Heads to California to Line His Bank Account

Still Hasn't Come Clean on Who is Paying Him or How Much He's Banking

Boston Globe: Scott Brown, West Coast edition

There’s nothing strange about two former senators being scheduled to speak together at a forum in California.

What’s unusual: when one of them could be a month out from a contested election on the other side of the country.

Republican Scott Brown is set to participate in a forum in the Golden State with Joseph I. Lieberman on Oct. 1. That’s not long before the Nov. 4 New Hampshire election in which Brown is vying to unseat SenatorJeanne Shaheen, a Democrat.

Brown is set to participate in the evening event — part of a “Newsmakers” series — at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, Calif., on Oct. 1.

Asked via e-mail this week whether Brown still planned to attend the event and whether he was being paid for it, Elizabeth Guyton, a Brown spokeswoman, had no comment.

The Globe asked the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation, a group organizing the talk, if Brown was being compensated and, if so, how much. Gary McManis, a vice president with Keppler Speakers, a speakersbureau, told the Globe that he does not discuss contractual terms.

McManis did confirm Brown’s appearance and said the former Massachusetts senator had agreed to it in December of 2013.

“Scott Brown is a man of his word and he’s going to show up to do it,” McManis said.

McManis said Brown and Lieberman would discuss topics such as dysfunction in Washington and challenges facing the country.

Brown spoke at a Las Vegas hedge fund conference after he launched his Granite State Senate bid. The Globe reported he got $20,000 for that appearance.

He faces a GOP primary, which he is expected to win, on Sept. 9.