NHDP - QUESTIONS REMAIN: Scott Brown Owes NH Answers About His Role at Outsourcing Company

Questions Abound as Brown Prepares To Debate Republican Opponents in Exeter Tonight
Manchester, NH—Scott Brown owes New Hampshire answers about his role with a company that paid him $270,000, but outsourced jobs and avoided millions of dollars worth of American taxes. Brown is refusing to disclose details about his troubling ties in response to a new report from the Nashua Telegraph that outlined his connections to Kadant Inc., a Massachusetts-based paper company.  The Telegraph noted that Brown continues to serve on the Board of Directors for Kadant, and Brown stands to cash in again, making $397,000, if he keeps serving on the Board.

“Once again we’re seeing that Scott Brown puts his bank account first, even at the expense of American jobs--and he should answer for that at tonight's debate,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “New Hampshire can't trust someone with Scott Brown’s record of ducking questions and shirking accountability, and his decision to cash in from a company that profits from shipping jobs overseas and avoids millions in American taxes speaks volumes about his priorities. Scott Brown owes New Hampshire an explanation.”   
Granite Staters deserve to get answers to these questions at tonight's debate:
  • What exactly did Scott Brown do for this company in exchange for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was paid?
  • How can he expect anyone to take his rhetoric about jobs seriously, now that we know he has been profiting from a company that so brazenly uses outsourcing to pad it's bottom line?
  • Why did Brown accepted such a lucrative position with a company that relied on outsourcing American jobs to Mexico and China?
Scott Brown has previously refused to answer questions about why he accepted $1.3 million in stock to become an advisor for shady beauty supply company turned weapons manufacturer GDSI, even when he knew its operations raised red flags. He also has refused to answer questions about his pre-election California paid speech—including how much he is personally getting paid and who is paying him.