Guinta For Congress (CD1) - Team Shea-Porter Fresh off their West Coast Swing!

Shea-Porter Continues to Prove She is out of Touch

Responding to a press release issued by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter this morning, Jay Ruais, Campaign Manager for Frank Guinta, released the following statement:

"No doubt the Congresswoman's attempt to distract from her failed record in Congress was discussed at the California winery she visited with Nancy Pelosi to raise money for her campaign while we marched in the Londonderry Parade. It is unfortunate that while New Hampshire’s middle-class continues to struggle under the dual weight of ObamaCare and her economic policies, she continues to avoid offering a single solution to the myriad of issues facing the United States. In contrast, Frank Guinta has focused heavily on District specific issues, and offered real solutions to our health care problems, the state of our economy and more. We look forward to earning the nomination this fall, and returning this office to the people of New Hampshire.”