Manchester, NH –Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway is proud to announce he has received the endorsement of the Bedford Taxpayer Association (BTA).  During a meeting of the Board of the BTA, the group voted to endorse Hemingway in the September 9th Republican Primary for Governor.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement,” Hemingway said.  “While endorsements from national figures are nice and make a lot of headlines, an endorsement form a taxpayer organization right here in New Hampshire speaks for people of New Hampshire--for voters--concerned with the current state of our tax structure and concerned with where we are going.”

Andrew has released a comprehensive tax proposal to eliminate most business taxes in New Hampshire in exchange for a business flat tax (BFT).  He is the only candidate in the primary to release a comprehensive plan of new innovative ideas. 

“Everyone may not endorse my specific tax plan, but many people support the idea of doing things differently. We need to try something new to overhaul our tax structure in order to foster economic growth, bring new jobs here and ensure no need for a sales or income tax,” Hemingway said.


For more information on Andrew, his tax plan and his other proposal to innovatively solve New Hampshire’s challenges, go to his website at www.andrewhemingway.com.