Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Lambert Statement: The Lines Have Been Drawn on Immigration, Amnesty: Garcia, Kuster, Obama v. Lambert

Nashua – In response to Representative Marilinda Garcia’s refusal to sign the anti-amnesty FAIR pledge, former State Senator and 2nd District Congressional candidate Gary Lambert released the following statement:


“On the issues of immigration, border security, and amnesty, voters in the 2nd District have a clear choice,” said Lambert.


“On one hand, voters have my promise to secure the border, stand against any form of amnesty such as a work authorization or a path to citizenship, and oppose increases in new permanent residents or guest worker programs which make it harder for Americans to find work.”


“On the other hand, voters have the approach pushed by Marilinda Garcia, Ann Kuster, and Barack Obama. All three of them support comprehensive immigration reform measures such as the Senate amnesty plan, a path to citizenship, work authorization for illegal immigrants, and increases in the already 1 million plus new permanent residents admitted to the United States every year.”


“The differences between my position and the Garcia/Kuster/Obama position is not a partisan statement; it is merely a statement of fact.”



Garcia Refuses to Sign FAIR Pledge:  

Kuster Receives 0% Rating from Federation for American Immigration Reform:,S,R,E,F,P#.U_tC4fldWPn