NHDP - BREAKING: More Out-of-State Wall Street Special Interest Groups Try to Buy NH’s Senate Seat

Spending by Third Party Special Interests Like The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove Will Top $7 Million

Manchester, NH— Yet another out-of-state Wall Street special interest group is launching a seven-figure ad buy to prop up Wall Street favorite Scott Brown because they know Brown will be a reliable vote for their agenda, just as he was when he represented Massachusetts in the Senate. This morning, it was announced that Ending Spending, a Wall Street special interest group, will be launching attack ads once again in New Hampshire, bringing the total spent and planned spending by third party special interests groups like the Big Oil Koch Brothers and Karl Rove to more than $7 million.   
“Big Oil billionaires and Wall Street Super PACs are wiling to spend millions to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for their pal Scott Brown, because they know he'll vote for them--not New Hampshire--if he gets back to Washington,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Granite State families know who has their best interests in mind and who will fight for them in the Senate, and its not the Big Oil and Wall Street special interest groups bent on getting Brown back in the Senate and back to protecting their tax breaks. If the Koch Brothers and Joe Ricketts get their way, New Hampshire working families will pay the price.”
Democratic groups continue to be outspent nearly two to one by Big Oil and Wall Street special interest groups, including those run by the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove. Spending is planned to top $7 million with no end in sight.