Smith For US Senate - Gun Owners of America Endorses Sen. Bob Smith


Senator Bob Smith today received an important endorsement from Gun Owners of America saying he will be the pro-gun champion in the U.S. Senate.

Tim Macy, Vice Chairman, Gun Owners of America states that if Senator Smith had been in the Senate in 2009, ObamaCare would not have passed. While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was buying off senators’ votes, Bob Smith would have stopped Reid by uttering two simple words: “I object.”

He goes on to say that if Smith had been in the Senate, the Veterans Disarmament Act would not have passed and 175,000 veterans would not have lost their constitutional rights without any due process. After 9/11, Smith was the chief sponsor of legislation to create the armed pilots program and there has not been a successful hijacking of a plane with an armed pilot since then.

“We believe the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race is imminently winnable”, Macy says in the GOA letter of endorsement. “We saw with former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli how dishonest Leftist polls are used to try to destroy conservative campaigns. We cannot let that happen with Bob Smith. We cannot spend the next decade wondering why no GOP senator will stand up to the anti-gun juggernaut. We need to support Bob Smith NOW.

“This comes on the heels of another recent significant endorsement from the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition and the Strike Force PAC,” said Senator Smith. “The tide is turning and NH voters are opening up their eyes to the tired talking points of the other candidates. They are looking for honesty and experience and knowledge of the issues. They are looking for someone who will stand up to the establishment on behalf of the people and I am that candidate. I am pleased and honored to be endorsed by such a respected organization such as Gun Owners of America.”