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Portsmouth Herald: Brown Speaks Up In Stratham

By Erik Hawkins, Portsmouth Herald
August 27, 2014


Former Republican Massachusetts senator and New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown pulled into town Tuesday night for his fifth "New Hampshire Speaks" town hall-style meeting, where he lambasted the current administration and took questions from concerned residents about what he would do if elected to help fix, in Brown's words, "a world on fire."
The auditorium at the Stratham Municipal Center was crowded with local supporters and activists, including New Hampshire state Rep. Patrick Abrami and state Sen. Nancy Stiles, who introduced Brown.
"Scott has been working as hard as anyone I've ever seen, all over our state," Stiles said. "When people get to sit down and have a conversation with him, people understand what he's about and why we need to send him to Washington, D.C."

Brown expressed his concern over the Islamic State terror group, saying that its ultimate goal is to "march down Pennsylvania Avenue and plant a flag in the White House," also stating that in his opinion, the United States' relationship with Israel is currently the worst it has been since its creation.

With regard to illegal immigration, Brown expressed his opposition to the Dream Act. One attendee asked Brown about his stance, referencing a possible upcoming executive order that, he said, may allow 5 or 6 million illegal immigrants to become legal citizens.
"We are a compassionate country, a loving country, and we should make sure that all these young people especially coming into our country are safe and secure, and then we have to make sure they're going back to their country of origin," Brown said.

"I follow national politics, and I find his rapport with the constituents to be amazing," Herman said. "He also votes with his party and against his party ... he votes for his constituents."


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