NHDP - NEW CAMPAIGN: NHDP Launches “Big Oil Billionaires for Brown”

Highlighting Brown’s Devotion to Big Oil Special Interests
Brown Votes for Their Tax Breaks, They Fund Brown’s Campaigns

Manchester, NH—The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching “Big Oil Billionaires for Brown,” a fully integrated campaign to highlight Brown’s special relationship and record of close ties with out-of-state special interests that do not have New Hampshire families’ best interests in mind. This campaign will include earned, paid, and owned media initiatives calling out Scott Brown’s past record and continued relationship with Big Oil special interests.
“There's a reason Big Oil billionaires like the Koch Brothers are spending millions to buy New Hampshire's senate seat for Scott Brown: they want him back in the Senate voting for their interests--not New Hampshire's--just like he did when he was representing Massachusetts. For years Brown delivered for Big Oil by voting to protect their special tax breaks, while they rewarded him with half a million dollars in campaign contributions and ads, and now he's anxious to get back to work for them,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain

“New Hampshire Democrats are making sure Scott Brown gets what he deserves—a hearty endorsement by a group that he has fought for year after year—Big Oil billionaires," added McClain. 
The “Big Oil Billionaires for Brown” campaign will include digital extensions—FacebookTwitter, and an official website—as well as paid digital ads that target persuadable voters in New Hampshire.

Brown’s record of support for Big Oil and Wall Street special interest is long and consistent.
·      Brown voted for tens of billions of dollars in special tax breaks for big oil companies even when it meant voting against reducing the deficit and investing in alternative energy.
·      Brown voted to save tax loopholes for oil and gas companies even when it meant voting against tax deductions for small businesses. 

And Big Oil billionaires have returned the favor.
·      Big Oil has invested big in Scott Brown, rewarding him with nearly a half million dollars in campaign contributions over his career for protecting them.
·      In 2012, only five members of Congress took more money from oil and gas companies than Scott Brown.
·      Big Oil has spent more than $2.3 million on attack ads against Jeanne Shaheen to help their former guardian Scott Brown get back to Senate to work for them. In total, special interest groups have spent and will spend more than $7.8 million against her to date.