Edwards For NH Senate (D4) - Edwards, District #4, one of 14 races being watched nationally.








Team Edwards is proud to have been recognized by the Republican State Leadership Committee and included in their Future Majority Project's "14 in '14 Races to Watch"

It is rewarding to know that Team Edwards hard work is being recognized by the RSLC and others.  We look forward to each day on the campaign trail knowing we are making a difference.  

Facing an incumbent candidate with deep pockets might seem like a challenge, but the lack of accountability in our statehouse has been noticed by the taxpayers.  As we go door to door a common sentiment resonates "We have to account for every penny these days, why doesn't our government?"

We believe transparency and accountability should share equal footing with civility in Concord. 

It is motivating to know that our message of empowering citizens, protecting our most vulnerable populations, and demanding our government spend our tax dollars wisely is being well received both here at home and around our great country. 

Thank you RSLC for letting others know what we already knew, NH Senate District 4 is "One To Watch",

Chief Edwards

Dover NH