Martin For US Senate - U.S. Senate candidate condemns Scott Brown/Jennifer Horn for lies about Shaheen

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin condemns Jennifer Horn and Scott Brown for “despicable behavior” in accusing Jeanne Shaheen of de facto anti-Semitism


Andy says Brown and Horn are disgracing the Republican Party locally and nationally


Andy says he is extremely reluctant to defend Shaheen but his sense of “public integrity” compels him to do so


Andy suggests Horn's real target may be New Hampshire’s Lebanese-American community, which resides in both political parties


It is time to state the obvious: New Hampshire GOP leaders have a grossly inflated sense of their role and competence


(Manchester, NH) (August 27, 2014) 


Dear Granite Stater:


The last thing I want to do is defend Jeanne Shaheen. But in a lifetime in politics that spans almost fifty years, I have always put public integrity, not politics, first. I believe in the truth and I believe in truth-telling politics, not false accusations of anti-Semitism.


Scott Brown and Jennifer Horn have brought politics in this state to a new low. (Brown is using one of his “off the books,” so-called “independent,” committees to smear Jeanne Shaheen with a web video (see link # [5] below). Brown’s use of such anonymous attacks is a sham and fraud.)


1. The origins of Jeanne Shaheen’s alleged “anti-Semitism”


Jeanne Shaheen is being accused of taking “anti-Semitic” money from a PAC in Washington called “J Street.” J Street is a pro-Israel group with an independent position on the Middle East crisis. I neither endorse nor condemn J Street. I am aware of J Street but I don’t pay great attention to the group’s views. Jennifer Horn and Scott Brown are accusing J Street of being a “fringe” group when J Street merely reflects a competing view of Middle East politics.


2. The “old guard” and the “new guard” in pro-Israel politics


The “pro-Israel” movement is no different than any other aspect of our society. There is a generational gap and a generational challenge between those who unquestioningly support Israel’s policies and others who do not give unquestioning support. The Republican Party is not immune from this hydraulic pressure.


Governor Chris Christie was recently chastised by a potential supporter for saying the West Bank was “occupied.” Only in the United States would Christie’s remarks be criticized. Indeed, there are many more shades of nuanced opinion, and much more “freedom of the press,” in Israel than in the United States when it comes to debating the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


In my opinion all sides of the contentious Middle East dispute are entitled to make bona fide arguments (even denying the West Bank is “occupied” if that’s what they believe) without being branded as anti-Semites.


“J Street” in an independent-thinking pro-Israel group that sometimes says provocative things about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. But by no stretch of the imagination are J Street supporters “anti-Semites” and backers of competing organizations allege. Scott Brown and Jennifer Horn have tried to portray Jeanne Shaheen as a de facto anti-Semite because her campaign has accepted contributions from J Street and J Street donors.


Brown’s and Horn’s behavior is pure gutter politics.


3. Is Horn’s attack is really one on Lebanese-Americans


Is Brown’s attack on Shaheen really an anti-Semitic accusation or is there a back story? Perhaps Brown and Shaheen are trying to draw attention to Shaheen’s Lebanese-American name. I assume Bill Shaheen, Jeanne’s husband, has a Lebanese-American background. Horn and Brown may be trying to stir up hostility to Bill Shaheen as part of their attack on J Street. Who knows what lurks in the deranged minds of Jennifer Horn and Scott Brown? You tell me what you think.


4. Horn lodged the same lies against me


A third of a century ago (yes, century) I was involved nasty litigation with a cocaine-crazed judge (yes judges did go crazy with cocaine in the 80’s, along with a lot of other people). Horrendous attacks were lodged by all sides in the series of lawsuits. Ultimately two judges (Cabranes and Neumann) were very likely denied appointments to the U. S. Supreme Court because of their misconduct involving me. Out of millions of words in the lawsuits, most of them vitriolic, especially on the part of “Cocaine Cabranes,” my political opponents have sought to take a few sentences out of context to suggest I am anti-Semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth.


I grew up in a philo-Semitic home, with a spiritual parent that was a refugee from Nazi Germany. I was being schooled in the Holocaust when most kids my age were studying baseball standings. Nevertheless, we all know that in lawsuits (where husbands and wives routinely accuse each other of “extreme cruelty” before counting out the cash) Horn has tried to pretend I am an anti-Semite to undermine me politically. Horn’s tactics have backfired. Instead of letting voters make up their own minds, Horn has tried to harass me and ended up making a sworn enemy who is dedicated to her removal from party office.


Now Horn is using false accusations of anti-Semitism against Jeanne Shaheen. I hope you will agree with me that Brown’s and Horn’s behavior is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.


5. I demand that Shaheen and Brown apologize,


Brown and Horn should apologize for their misconduct, withdraw their dirty ads, and stop demonizing the Democrats. Telling the truth and proffering the facts about Shaheen are more than enough to defeat her without dragging the state GOP into the gutter.


6. What’s wrong with this picture?


So far as I am aware Jennifer Horn has no meaningful professional distinctions or accomplishments. We have a problem in New Hampshire. Because of our national prominence in the presidential primary process a lot of our Republican “leaders,” who are actually third raters, suddenly believe they are first rate politicians who can spout off as though they really know something.


The New Hampshire Republican Party has been in decline for decades. I do not expect that process to stop in 2014. Brown may slip into the senate if he wins the primary, but he has yet to pass the primary bar. It behooves people of limited accomplishments and intellect such as Horn and her posse to act cautiously when they are participating in politics at a level far beyond their competence.


Brown's loose mouth is also legendary.


Horn’s loose mind is also painfully evident to anyone with minimum political experience at the national level.


You disagree with me? Well, tell me what you think about undermining the GOP brand by lodging dales accusations of anti-Semitism against the Democrats.


Please take a look at the links below. I have documented my views with references to all of the relevant issues. As always, and unlike Horn’s and Brown’s attacks, my accusations are evidence-based, not political hot air.








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New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin attacks Scott Brown and Jennifer Horn for falsely accusing Jeanne Shaheen of anti-Semitism




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