NHDP - SHOCKING: Brown on Controversial Outsourcing Company: “Very Proud, Good Company"

During Republican Debate, Brown Doubles Down on Serial Outsourcing Company that Pays Him $270K, Says He Won't Resign 
Manchester, NH— In his first comments after days of public pressure and scrutiny on his ties to a controversial outsourcing company, Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown shockingly scoffed at Kadant’s proven outsourcing practices, instead doubling down on his support for anti-jobs policies and saying he would not resign from the Board of Directors of this “good” company.  No wonder--Brown voted to reward companies that outsource jobs, protecting their tax breaks and loopholes. 

Brown's comments came during a debate with his fellow Republicans this morning, and his out of touch sentiments further prove what we've known about Brown all along: Brown cares more about his bank account than jobs. 

Brown also confirmed that he would not resign from the company’s Board, instead continuing to profit off of the company that outsourced jobs and relies on low cost manufacturing bases in China and Mexico to pad its bottom line. When pressed further, Brown referred questions to the Board - ironic considering he in fact still serves on Kadant's board.  
“It’s an insult to American workers that Brown would shower praise on a company that so callously shipped jobs to China and Mexico to make a bigger buck, just because they're paying Scott Brown more than a quarter of a million dollars,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Now that he’s doubling down on his extremely lucrative gig, refusing to resign, and defending himself by referring questions to the Board, it's obvious that when faced with a choice between jobs here at home or his own bank account, Scott Brown's bank account wins.  That's exactly what New Hampshire can't afford.”

Scott Brown has previously refused to answer questions about his role with this company and others that are similarly controversial, including why he accepted $1.3 million in stock to become an advisor for a shady beauty supply company turned weapons manufacturerGDSI. He still has refused to answer questions about his pre-election California paid speaking gig—including how much he is personally getting paid and who is paying him.

A transcript of Brown's remarks during this morning's debate are included below: 
“What Kadant did five years ago before I was even on the board, I would suggest that anyone who's interested should refer those questions to the Board.”
“With regard to my activities over the last year, sitting on a very proud and good company, no I'm not going to resign, obviously, until I get re-elected."