MANCHESTER - Today, the Brown campaign hosted a conference call led by Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley and Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard discussing Senator Shaheen's election year flip-flop on President Obama’s executive amnesty.

In June 2012, Shaheen praised President Obama’s executive order that legalized hundreds of thousands of young people in this country illegally, calling it "the right thing to do."

Two years later in a tough re-election and with her poll numbers slipping, she has reversed course, telling the Washington Post yesterday that she opposes a “piecemeal approach issued by executive order.”
“When she's in Washington, Jeanne Shaheen votes for amnesty and supports executive action by the President to legalize the presence of people who are in the country unlawfully,” said Sen. Bradley. “But back home in New Hampshire, she says she opposes the President's executive actions on amnesty. Clearly, Washington has changed Jeanne Shaheen. This flip-flop won’t fool the people of the Granite State, who know there is only one candidate in this race committed to securing the border once and for all and enforcing the rule of law, and that’s Scott Brown.”
"Senator Shaheen has supported amnesty legislation, and President Obama’s executive orders to weaken our immigration laws,” said Sheriff Hilliard.  "Granite State families deserve to have confidence that the federal government is enforcing our laws and encouraging legal immigration.  As a law enforcement officer, how are we supposed to do our jobs if the Administration is not enforcing the federal law?" 
"Less than a month ago, the Senate had the opportunity to address the country's immigration crisis, and Republicans were ready to offer amendments to a border security bill that would roll back DACA and enact meaningful policy changes. But Senator Shaheen, Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats blocked those amendments from being considered. As a result, the bill was left to languish," added Bradley.

Jeanne Shaheen Voted To Block A Vote On An Amendment That Would Have Prevented President Obama From Issuing An Executive Order Declaring Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants. “Sessions, R-Ala., motion to table (kill) the Reid, D-Nev., amendment no. 3751 that would delay the enactment date by one day.” (S. 2648, CQ Vote #251: Motion rejected 43-52: R 42-0; D 1-50; I 0-2, 7/31/14, Shaheen Voted Nay)
·       Shaheen Voted To Block Votes On Amendments, Including An Amendment That Would Have Prevented Executive Amnesty. SESSIONS: “Republicans on the floor today have filed and argued for a number of amendments and attempted to offer those that are focused on critical policy changes to strengthen this legislation and make it more effective. Unfortunately, the parliamentary maneuvering has been executed, the amendment tree is filled, and we have been prevented from offering any amendments at all that are necessary to establish a lawful system of immigration that works and that we can be proud of. So I move to table the Reid amendment on the tree, 3751, for the purpose of offering the Cruz amendment. That amendment would prohibit the President of the United States from expending any funds to unilaterally provide amnesty and work authorizations for millions of people as has been reported in the press. The Cruz amendment is No. 3720.” (Sen. Jeff Sessions, Congressional Record, 7/31/14, p. S5204)