Garcia For Congress (CD2) - What They Are Saying: Marilinda Garcia for NH-02



Marilinda Garcia Continues Gaining Steam as Primary Nears

“As the New Hampshire primary election draws ever closer, the level of desperation in the Lambert camp is escalating wildly. Internal polling data from his primary rival, Marilinda Garcia, has Lambert down by 23 points, as reported by WMUR.”(Tom Dougherty, “As Desperation Sets in Gary Lambert is Firing False Accusations in #NH02,” Practical Politicking  8/20/14)

“Marilinda is the easy choice for me. Like Carol she has the sense to sponsor bills that can pass while moving in the direction of less regulation and increased competition. Gary just seems to be running on his military service record, not his legislative record.”(Dan Mcguire, “Letter To The Editor,” Suncook Valley Sun 8/20/14)

 “One candidate, Marilinda Garcia, also understands these facts, and has a proven record of opposing top-down, Washington-centered education programs. She knows that the key to improving education is a bottom-up, back to basics approach that puts power back in our hands. She’s the right choice for education, and the right choice for Congress.” (Mary Grace Nelligan “Garcia understands what we need, by Mary Grace Nelligan,” Keene Sentinel 8/26/14)

“America deserves a firm and fair approach to immigration, with leaders who will bring about real progress at securing our border and addressing the other problems with our legal immigration system.” “It’s time we stand up and demand not only a smart and safe immigration policy, but also honorable leaders who have a real interest in solving the issues that are important to us.” ( Marilinda Garcia “My Turn: America needs a firm, fair immigration policy,” Concord Monitor 8/26/2014)

Gary Lambert Falling Further Behind 

“Sen. Lambert: My household received your latest smear-attempt, which I am sharing with my local contacts and voters. I am very vocal in my support of those I trust. Unfortunately, I cannot trust attorney Gary Lambert.” (John Diefenbach, “Open letter to Gary Lambert,” Monadnock Ledger-Transcript 8/15/14)

“Instead of engaging in a mature discussion on immigration, candidate Gary Lambert is accusing Garcia of supporting amnesty, purely because she is was a member of our board.” “To my knowledge, none of the board members or Marilinda have ever supported amnesty, purely because it is bad public policy.” (Marian B. Nornha, “Letter: Lambert wrong about Garcia,” Concord Monitor, 8/24/14)

“Rather than engage in a thoughtful evaluation of how to secure our borders and fairly determine the consequences for immigrants living here unlawfully, the garbage being advanced by Brown and Lambert only pushes the public discourse further from where it ought to be.” “Voters shouldn’t be taken in by such scare tactics.” (Nashua Telegraph, “Don’t buy the immigration garbage being peddled in NH,” Nashua Telegraph, 8/26/14)