Lambert For Congress (CD2) - Lambert Statement: No Strategy is Irresponsible and Outrageous

Nashua, NH - In response to President Obama's press conference this afternoon where he admitted "We don't have a strategy yet" in reference to Iraq and ISIL, U.S. Marine Corps Colonel (Ret.) released the following statement:


"The President's admission today that he has no strategy for dealing with ISIL is outrageous and irresponsible," said Lambert. "President Obama has sent Americans into harm’s way by conducting air strikes and placing military advisers on the ground. That should never happen without a strategy in place to accomplish a defined, achievable objective."


"I call on Congress, and in particular my representative Ann Kuster, to demand President Obama present a strategy for dealing with ISIL before proceeding with any further military action. American lives are at risk and the President needs explain to the American people what it is they are putting their lives on the line for before continuing this course of action."





President Obama “no strategy” statement:



Information on Gary Lambert’s Military/National Security Experience:


A U.S. Marine (active duty and reserve) since 1979

  • Deputy Staff Judge Advocate ("Number Two" coalition military lawyer in Iraq), Multi-National Force - Iraq, Camp Victory, Baghdad (2004-2005)
  • President, Combined Multi-National Force and Iraq Ministries of Justice, Interior and Human Rights' Detainee Review Board, Baghdad, Iraq (2004-2005)
  • Awarded the Bronze Star Medal (2005)
  • Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, Military Coordination and Liaison Command, Stuttgart, Germany during initial invasion of Iraq (2003)
  • Masters of Strategic Studies, Army War College (2003)