Macdonald For NH Senate (D21) - Editor’s censor candidate from voters

To the editor

            What is wrong with you people?  I am a 100% service connected disabled US Military Combat Veteran.  The Editors refuse to print my letters to the editor because of the fear they have of my words.  I am one of them! I came back to a world that I do not belong because of what you the citizens think of us that fought for your freedom.  Many Veterans stay silent of our experiences for fear of what you the friends and family will think of us if we tell you.  This is why the Lee Selectmen are saying that no homeless combat Veterans are welcome in Lee NH.

            My wife and I purchased 11 acres of land and gave it to the Veteran Resort-Chapel (VRC) a NH registered non-profit church to help the Homeless US Military Combat Veterans.  The Town of Lee said no to our church and to helping Homeless combat Veterans.  Last week they took us to court for parking a trailer behind the church that is registered to the VRC,  for having a sign not attached to anything on the front yard announcing the VRC, for having a rented portable toilet that the town required us to get if we wanted a building permit, for having a church member sleep several nights a week on the property to help the disabled homeless US Military Veteran living in the house.  Then on top of all these charges they tell the court that we are not a church.  What right does the Lee selectmen have to tell any person what they can believe and not believe?  God is for anyone to see and talk to in their own self-right.  A top Lee official said it all and I can quote him “We are a community of Professors and UNH support staff and we do not deserve homeless in our neighborhoods”.

            The worst part is that I am running for NH State Senate district #21 and the Editors believe for the public safety censoring my letters to the voters is the proper thing to do.  Combat Veterans are U.S. citizens also.   We have just had a different experience than you the citizens that did not serve.

Peter Macdonald Candidate for NH State Senate district #21