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Scott Brown On Americans Fighting With ISIS: "They Have Left Their Citizenship At The Door"

MANCHESTERThis afternoon, Scott Brown appeared on Fox News'Your World with Neil Cavuto to call on Congress to immediately pass legislation that strips American citizenship for any homegrown terrorist that is fighting with ISIS. 

As a senator, Brown introduced the bipartisan Terrorist Expatriation Act in 2010 to revoke the citizenship of those “providing materialsupport or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization” or “actively engaging” in “hostilities against the United States or its allies.”  In 2011, he introduced similar legislation called the Enemy Expatriation Act.

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NEIL CAVUTO: Well with worries of a possible ISIS attack coming here, New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown is calling on congress to pass legislation that would strip home-grown terrorists of their American Citizenship. He joins me now. By the way, we did put out a call to his opponent, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen to appear on this program, we have yet to hear back. But Senator to you, and what you make of this growing force of Americans who end up fighting over there for ISIS. First, what what's going on there, what do you think it is?
SCOTT BROWN: Well first of all, they have left their citizenship at the door and they should not be able to hide behind that citizenship and get the rights and privileges guaranteed by our constitution. If we have evidence that they have in fact over there fighting and they want to come back here and not to buy a house with a white picket fence, but here to kill and maim our citizens, they should not have that opportunity. We should allow them to stay where they and are -- and it's a bill I filed twice, Senaotr Lieberman and I, we had a bipartisan effort on two separate occasions and it went nowhere because of politics. What I'm hoping, Neil, is that just like after 9/11, Congress will finally you know find something they can actually work together and immediately, if not come back right now, when they do come back, make it the first priority because the president doesn't have a plan. He has an incoherent foreign policy, he doesn't have a plan. How about a plan to keep those people there and not allow them to come back home. That's good start to a plan, don't you think?
CAVUTO: What if we are worrying about something that we needn't be worrying about. They're not interesting in coming home, they're interested in fighting the battle over there.
BROWN: Well that's fine, they can stay there and we should then have the able ability to go after them with all our might and force, and not allow them to say at some point potentially, especially if they are captured, saying 'whoa I'm an American Citizen, I want to to be mirandized and et cetera et cetera.  They leave that right at the door, and they have lost that right, and should be something that we can find common sense ground, common ground, and make common sense solutions. The president when he said he had no plan, I was floored as well as many other people. I got an idea, how about calling together all of the world leaders, do a tele-conference call, getting your joint chiefs, getting your national security team and come up with a coherent, decisive immediate plan, because these people want to plant a flag in the White House, they want to march down Pennsylvania Ave., they want to come through our porous borders if they are not already here, and they want to create havoc and kill our citizens.