NHDP - WHOPPER OF THE WEEK: Scott Brown Should Be Ashamed of Wall Street Buddies' "Scandalous" Attack Ad Against Senator Shaheen That "Distorts Facts"

New Fact Check Details Litany of Falsehoods in Ad By Scott Brown’s Wall Street Ally

Named "Whopper of the Week" by Politico Pro


Manchester, NH—Scott Brown and his Wall Street cronies face more backlash for their completely false, baseless attack against Senator Shaheen. Following yesterday’s AP report that Boston NBC affiliate WHDH pulled the pro-Brown Wall Street Super PAC Ending Spending’s ad off the air due to inaccuracies, independent fact checking website FactCheck.org released a point-by-point takedown of the ad, confirming that it “distorts facts” and “lacks sufficient evidence.” Then this morning, Politico Pro gave the ad the humiliating distinction of being named "Whopper of the Week."
“Scott Brown and his Wall Street corporate interest friends are not telling the truth about Senator Shaheen because they're desperate to distract from Brown's own ties to a controversial company that sent jobs to China and Mexico," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “False attacks and baseless assaults on Jeanne Shaheen won’t change the fact that Scott Brown is only out for himself, and he's wrong for New Hampshire.”

It was reported last week in the Nashua Telegraph that Scott Brown collected more than a quarter of a million dollars from a company—Kadant, Inc.—that outsourced American jobs to China and Mexico. Brown has since refused to resign from the Board of the company, despite calls from labor leaders representing hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire families to do so.

Big Oil, Wall Street, and other out of state special interests have spent and plan to spend more than $7.3 million in New Hampshire to try and buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat for their reliable ally Scott Brown so that he can get back to voting to protect their interests in the U.S. Senate.