Rubens For US Senate - Brown Calls for Obama to Issue Executive Order Removing Citizenship

Our system of government is set up so that our representatives in Congress can debate and approve legislation that the President proposes.  President Obama, having had no success moving his agenda in Congress, has repeatedly utilized executive orders to get around this Constitutional process.

I know you agree that this approach is unacceptable and a threat to our democracy.  Scott Brown does not agree.  Today he suggested that Obama should consider issuing an executive order revoking citizenship of Americans that we believe may be helping terrorists, stating "this is one executive order that I'd agree with".


The rise of barbaric enemies like ISIS makes it critically important that we do everything within our power to protect our citizens.  During times like these good intentions can lead to stripping away of personal liberties.
That is exactly what Scott Brown proposed this morning, calling for the stripping of citizenship from Americans believed to be aiding terrorists.  This is not a new proposal, in fact it was introduced in 2010 and 2012 in Congress.  Both times, it was very quickly determined that they so egregiously violated the Constitution, they never even made it to a vote.
There are many reasons it violates the Constitution including only requiring that the violation was "more likely to happen than not" and the vague definition of "engaging in hostilities against American or its allies" which could be broad enough to include donating books to a school in Afghanistan.  The Supreme Court has long recognized that the constitutional right of citizenship cannot be taken away unless a person obtained it illegally or voluntarily renounced American citizenship,
This is a reaction based on fear and anger rather than smart counter-terrorism policy.  A recent example of this was when Scott Brown voted for the Patriot Act.  The Patriot Act has allowed the government to spy on our e-mails and phone conversations and has done nothing to reduce the threat of terrorism.

Make no mistake, anyone found to be aiding terrorists should be brought to swift justice.  Our system already allows for that without the stripping away of Constitutional rights of the citizens we are trying to protect.